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Frequently Asked Questions

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Replacing the rechargeable battery

Every bantamweight tank is equipped with a 3.7V Li-polymer rechargeable battery. The battery is subjected to wear and tear after repeated usage, until certain point, the rechargeable capability of the Li-polymer battery will diminish. When you begin to discover symptoms, like playing time becomes very short between charging cycle and tank can only drive very slowly even after a full battery charge. These symptoms indicate that perhaps it is time to replace the rechargeable battery. The To replace the rechargeable battery, please follow procedures in below: - Unscrew the battery lid underneath the tank - gently pull out the rechargeable battery from the battery compartment, you will find a plug connecting between the rechargeable battery and the main circuitry - pull the male plug (on the rechargeable battery side) away from the female plug (on the main circuitry side) - insert the male plug from the new rechargeable battery into the female plug from the main circuitry - Place the new rechargeable battery back into the battery compartment and screw the battery lid back in place