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3 Speed Gear Box (Type I)

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Introducing the new 3 Speed Gear Box ( Type I )

The purpose of releasing this gear box set is to offer our consumers with demand specification on a stronger torque and higher durability drivetrain unit over the standard Heng Long unit.

The type 380 motors are specially created for this particular project. Instead of using conventional 3 pole motor, our version of motor has 5 pole winding, and we put a ball bearing to the motor shaft to reduce excess vibration.

The major advantage of using 5 pole motors because it can deliver a much smoother torque characteristics by reducing the angular increments between each pole. Considering average tank enthusiants will install an additional 2-4 Kg of metal upgrade components to their tanks, it becomes vitally importantly that the drivetrain is capable to deliver enough torque even at low motor rpm.

All major gears and pinions inside this gear box are made by fine grade brass material. Unlike standard zinc alloy metal gear box which are prone to corroison, brass does not rust. Even though the hardness of brass surface are softer than stainless steel, the machining cost for stainless steel is much higher. To keep the product at a price friendly level, yet maintaing a high product quality, therefore we had decided to use brass gears.

The power cable for both left and right side are pre-installed. Consumer will only need to unplug the original cable from the circuit board, and simply replace it with our 3 speed gear box power cable.



Waltersons Porsche Turret King Tiger 01
Waltersons 3 Speed Gear Box installed in the 1/16th Scale Heng Long German Tiger 1 tank

Waltersons 3 Speed Gear Box installed in the 1/16th Scale Heng Long German Porsche King Tiger tank











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